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Maud Goldberg uses her installation and sculptural practice to investigate the experiential in interior or semi-concealed spaces.  This study of the body-space relationship exerts the materiality, form and tension, respectively and inter-dependently, of spatial specifics and of the body.

The work consists of site-specific arrangements / manipulations of objects and materials.  The making process is often intuitive, an automatic, sensory response to materials and a given space.  Unprecedented events will often determine the evolution of the work, giving the content a sense of flux under the influence of the temporal.

Photographic documentation sometimes becomes work in itself to frame and divide chosen areas of space and build up a record (often monochromatic and abstract) of the relational in form and materiality.  

Sites of work include predominantly post-industrial buildings and the ‘gallery’ environment; these provide a freedom of play, the activation of a dead/sterile space and large-scale experiments.  The domestic space of the home has permitted a contradictory reaction to space (in respect of other works) in trying to hide structural elements and a ready-made meaning in order to expose the poetics and the dialectic in liminal spaces of the home.

Currently, the focus of this research is to develop the architectural content of the work, in aiming to define the boundaries, overlaps and points of threshold between installation art and architecture in the context of the transformation of spaces.  An objective will be to expose the influence of the user and maker in the construction of meaning from a space.

The methodology will alter; experiments will require the presence of real bodies in a performative manner, further combined/manipulated with materials and objects; casts simulating the body will be used as objects to suggest a human presence, divide a space and subsequently alter the user perception and response to that space.  Possible trial with digital projections of bodies in space will look to expose the importance of the tangible in the study and analysis of spatial specifics and their influence upon the user.





First work at CASC, dated from November 20th 2012

First casts for human body suggestive forms, November 23rd 2012


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