Matthew Evans

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Brief description: Objects and Modern-day Heraldry

Location: 52.5870° N, 2.1288° W

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Email: bears10@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://www.10bearsart.co.uk

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Encoded, euphemistic, edgy, and laser etched, mainly. Satirical, subcultural and coarse, occasionally.    

Fascinated by the limitless nature of interpretation and meaning Matt Evans explores codes of inclusion and exclusion with the playfulness that only youth can harness. Anchored by an interest in the relationship between text and object he openly acknowledges that he treads a fine line between corny and cool. 

His most recent object artworks hinge on site specificity, integration and immersion. Such key concerns have arose and evolved through a growing interest in experiential events/hostings that activate and elevate the objects that he creates.

 For Evans his work is definitively observational and bound by the times in which he lives.



Secret Works (Glasgow) - 2/12/16


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