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Multi-discipline, multi-media, multi-skilled. Whatever term you wish to use. I am an artist who makes entertaining, beautiful and informative work and I always insist on a high level of accessibility. When I get an idea for a piece, only then do I decide which medium to make it in. I choose a medium depending on which one will carry the idea best. As a result I have been working in all mediums for as long as I have been an artist. The downside is that I find it very hard to produce a body of work that looks, at a glance, like a series. Of course everything I do is one big series and makes perfect sense in the context of my life, but the environment in which art is consumed does not allow for that level of depth. So I continue to strive for consistency. 

I am skilled in computer graphics, animation, wood working, aerosol painting, photography, film making, metal working, casting, print making, electronics, 3D imagery, computer coding.

My aim with this residency is to engage with the personal expertise, enthusiasm and energy of the university staff and students in order to further my understanding of myself and produce some excellent artwork along the way. 

I make no bones about the fact that I often consider the commerciality of a piece of art as I am creating it. However this does not mean I am always aiming for maximum profit and it does not mean I sacrifice the message of a piece. It is more a method I use for discovering a viewer's true feelings. Every person needs money to buy food, clothing and shelter. If I can make a piece of art that is so significant that people are willing to sacrifice a small portion of those things to own it, then I have surely suceeded. On the other hand, if I receive kind words but my work remains unsold, are those words being offered in sympathy rather than admiration? 

I demand that evidence of skill is present in every exhibition I visit. When no evidence can be found, I leave disappointed. 


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