Martin Pick

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Brief description: Documentary and Fine Art Photograpy

Location: South Yorkshire

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Email: martin@mpc3.co.uk

Website: http://www.martin-pick.co.uk

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About me:

I have little choice but to be a photographer.  I see images whether I have a camera available or not, taking the picture satisfies the need.


My work is founded on place, place and trying to capture and understand elements of human interaction with it.  Walking down an urban road and recording the images I see, is more attractive to me than photographing the sun rising through mist in a beautiful landscape.  Each to his or her own.


Documentary is my chosen style but within the documentary style I strive to produce individual images able to stand as fine art pieces.  I use colour for capture but in developing a series of images my interpretation always tends to black and white.  Recently I’m printing heavier and seeking techniques that reproduce the grain and grit of HP4 black and white film.  Not because I want to be nostalgic, it’s the way I see things and want to represent them.  I had a period of fighting against it; now I go with the flow.


I’m mostly self-taught.  I started taking photographs as a kid, using old cameras and developing and printing in the kitchen sink.  As a science student I received some formal training in technique and spent three years as a research student receiving tuition from the department photographer, who is now my friend, Brian Barber.  Recently I have worked with professional social photographer Andy Lynch and have been a visiting artist under the aa2a scheme at my local University Centre, I am currently a visiting fellow.


My work has been published in books and magazines and collected internationally, exhibited in fairs, galleries and museums in the UK and sold from galleries .  I have held one man shows including in Sheffield and York and have participated in many local and national mixed exhibitions.


For more see www.martin-pick.co.uk or email me on martin@mpc3.co.uk





Exhibiting from the 26 July to 1 August at the Rossington Labour Club.

The begining of a series on the traces left by the South Yorkshire mining industry


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