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I am interested in creating images of how life as we know it may adapt and evolve as our environment alters due to the impact of climate change. As a species we have shown an inability to act with the foresight of how todays actions will affect the future that we create. In a ‘tongue in cheek manner’ I aim to show my audience how life may change if we continue our environment damaging lifestyle.


My approach to the serious question of how life may change in the future is to use humour. My unrealistic atempts to find solutions to environmental problems aim to better engage an audience through amusement and curiosity rather than the shock tactics of tradition documentary photography.


My new series is about how animals may adapt to environmental changes such as flooding and desertification. Ipswich Museum have kindly given me permission to photograph their taxidermy collection. The images show the animals using various homemade props designed to assist animals in surviving their changing habitats.


I am interested in portraying every aspect of how our future might look and have also been creating landscape images of areas in my locality which, to me, don’t look typical of this area and which in fact look as though they have been either desertified, salinated by sea water or affected by the droughts that we have experimneced here in the east of England this year.


I am also developing a further strand to this project. I have become very interested in the way that our evolution is documented and displayed in musuems. I recently visited the University Museum of Zoology in Cambridge who house a large collection of animal skeletons.

My plan is to create a series of images documenting an imaginary museum set thousands of years in the future. The skeletons of animals and humans that have evolved in order to survive the events of climate change would be displayed as reliks of the era that we currently live in. Each skeleton will have a digitally added adaptation.





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