Mandana Thompson

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Location: Loughborough

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Email: info@mandanathompson.co.uk

Website: http://www.mandanathompson.co.uk

About me:

My current work explores pattern through manipulation of leather by applying heat. The inspiration comes from a variety of sources; I look at the everyday objects, nature or architectural structures to get ideas for creating new and interesting patterns.

My practice is concerned with the interaction between traditional crafts and contemporary design process; I highly value the traditional hand crafts, and believe that these can be explored and reinvented in the contemporary context using cutting edge techniques.

My work is done using a combination of techniques such as laser cutting and embossing. AA2A is an excellent opportunity; I use Loughborough University's equipments and facilities to develop new design ideas which form the foundation for creating a new series of comprehensive, resolved textile pieces. Having access to the facilities means a lot as it gives me the opportunity to develop my work. My aim is to design and make a new body of work in response to architectural spaces; this is an exciting step for me as it means I can take my work to the next level in terms of scale and content and application.



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