Madeleine O'Mahony

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Textile designer & craftsperson

Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire

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Email: maddieom@yahoo.co.uk

Website: http://www.madeleineomahony.com

About me:

I design and create commercial textiles & millinery for a living which unfortunately means I don't get much of a chance to experiment & develop the more unusual projects that whir around my head regularly. The AA2A scheme is an opportunity for me to be innovative & move forwards with my designs without the constraints of commerciality & customers.

Since I was little I have always been fascinated with Catholic icongraphy - from visiting my distant relatives houses in Ireland where holographic pictures of Jesus were the norm, to my travels to Latin America to see the decadent Catholic cathedrals and culture in Mexico & Guatemala.

I intend to use all the research I have been collecting over the years to develop a collection of textiles & millinery pieces incorporating my love for traditional crafts, embroidery & screen printing, merging them with plastics and adding a contemporary twist - to use my imagination to the full to create pieces of wearable art.

I will be keeping an online blog on the AA2A website alongside a visual research blogs on tumblr: http://madeleineom.tumblr.com/     & Pinterest:    http://pinterest.com/madeleineom/mexican-catholic-love/


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