Lyndall Phelps

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Brief description: My practice responds to site and context, with the resulting work combining a range of media including sculpture, photography, video, sound, ephemera, miltiples and works on paper.

Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire

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Email: lyndall.phelps@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.lyndallphelps.com

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My practice is site and/or context specific and strongly process based, relying on research and collaboration with a broad range of individuals and organisations, whose interests reflect my own. I am drawn to an eclectic mix of subjects including history, flora, fauna, the military, flight, horticulture, architecture, the decorative arts and women’s craft. The resulting work often combines a range of media including sculpture, photography, video, sound, ephemera, multiples and works on paper.

 In 2005 I became a full-time artist, prior to that I worked for arts organisations on a permanent basis, pursuing my artistic practice whenever time allowed. Since then my work has developed considerably and I have realised many exciting and well received projects. Whilst these opportunities have been wonderful, they have been constant, allowing insufficient time for reflection or the chance to make work devoid of exhibition and commission deadlines.

Over the past few years I have been gathering ideas for a number of unrealised works, which I desperately want to make, which centre mostly on my interests in birds and the military. In April 2012 I volunteered for Birdlife Malta, monitoring the illegal shooting of migrating birds. I have also been researching military fortifications, particularly pillboxes: these have provided rich material for work and will be the focus of my time at Anglia Ruskin. 

I believe this opportunity would be pivotal in the development of my practice. I am very keen to start building a studio based practice alongside my usual way of working, as I believe this would give me greater freedom and a broader scope when making work.  

Being part of the Anglia Ruskin community would be the perfect place to being this journey, allowing me to take time out, in order to dream a little, play, experiment and explore ideas in a supportive and creative environment, where I can concentrate fully on thinking, making and conversation.


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