Lucy Stevens

AA2A artist

Brief description: Producing audio and visuals to explore the acoustic ecology of the natural environment

Location: Leicester

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Email: lucyjostevens@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lucystevens.co.uk

About me:

My practice primarily uses sound and visuals to explore the acoustic ecology of the natural environment and more recently industrial sites, to capture the sounds of machinery and people working within factories. With sound being used as a starting point to produce visual representations via printmaking, drawing and digital illustration, to encourage a culture of listening and to showcase the value and fragility of sounds, including lost and extinct sounds.

The AA2A Programme provides an opportunity to work with sound and print to visualise it in brand new and exciting ways by experimenting with a variety of printmaking techniques and digital technologies, including specialist audio visualisation software and sonic art. With a view to interpret and visualise new field recordings, academic research and electroacoustic music to encourage discussion and to showcase new artworks in the form of print, installation, sound art and performance with DMU students, staff and the public.

To work within a university environment will allow for a period of research and development to focus on developing my art practice using the facilities at De Montfort University and to turn academic research and areas of interest into artwork by exploring new and innovative ways of interpreting and sharing it with a wider audience.



Latest blog post from an artist residency at Cove Park based in the West coast of Scotland to experiment with printmaking inspired by the landscape and wildlife: https://lucystevens.co.uk/2017/10/18/cove-park-artist-residency/


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