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Email: lucy@wideyed.org

Website: http://wideyed.org/ http://thelostness.club

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I’m a photographer and member of Wideyed, the artist-led collective I co-founded in 2008 with colleagues Richard Glynn and Louise Taylor. In the course of my career (which now spans over two decades) my work has been published and regularly exhibited nationally and internationally, and I’ve managed community arts projects and workshops, completed commissions, produced exhibitions and events, won bursaries and awards, and taken part in numerous festivals, fairs and artist residencies.

In July 2013 I began a longterm enquiry, the starting point for which was a quote attributed to author Ray Bradbury: “Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” Some of my ongoing research into the question of what the aesthetics of lostness might be can be found on the tumblr I share with Richard Glynn - http://aestheticsoflostness.tumblr.com/ - and I will use my AA2A placement to take some of the more practical aspects of my work on this theme a stage further.

One specific lostness project work I wish to develop is called ‘Wave’. I was able to build and test a small scale prototype of ‘Wave’ during my residency at Process-Space Art Festival in Bulgaria, June 2014, a short video record of which can be viewed online here: http://wideyed.org/what-weve-done/wave/

More broadly, the lostness project is a vehicle for explorations of things like signs and signals, wayfinding and navigation (through feeling, memory, imagination and perception, as well as physical space). Much as I love ‘straight’ photography, an important strand of my work concerns the photographic image as object, and my AA2A placement will give me an opportunity to play with form, test materials, and in the process help me begin to bring into shape some more of my ideas about lostness.


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