Louise Lockhart

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Designer

Location: Hebden Bridge

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Website: http://www.louiselockhartlikes.blogspot.com

About me:


Whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art I specialised in Illustration and always aimed

to push the constrictions of traditional ideas. Illustration can no longer be defined as 

drawings in books. It is now being titled Visual Communication which incorporates

many areas of art. Illustration is bridging the gap between Fine Art and Design. 

I aim to bridge the gap between Illustration and Contemporary Craft.

I am passionate about drawing and believe that beautiful drawings can enlighten and 

invigorate people. I want to bring drawings into the home by applying my artwork 

onto household furniture, clothing and furnishings.

Research is central to my work and old books, magazines, blogs, charity shops and 

markets are all important for inspiration and ideas. I am a keen sketchbook keeper 

and encourage others to use them as a method of developing ideas visually.

I am skilled in using Adobe Photoshop and always use it to develop and finalise my work.

Computers are such a brilliant tool for developing visuals quickly and professionally.

I hope to experiment with and expand the boundaries of surface pattern by combining 

my drawings with a variety of textile techniques to make beautiful and unique one-off 

pieces such as knitting my drawings into jumpers or printing paper to put onto furniture.

I have been working as an artist for the last two years but am restricted due to lack of 

technical equipment. I love working in a studio surrounded by other creative people.

I would relish the opportunity to work alongside students at Bradford College.


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