Lou Hazelwood

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Location: Hull, East Yorkshire

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Website: http://louhazelwood.blogspot.co.uk

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My interests lay in the way we display in both analogue and digital states, in how temporality affects our relations to each other and how we can live with and manipulate memory and nostalgia. I am a contemporary visual artist and writer and playfully explore curatorial practice. On this residency  I am undertaking a few different projects. Epitaph 13 see's a possible conclusion to a long term investigation of the re-writing out of page 13 from books of fiction. Previously this has been a palimpsest and place for a group reading performance. Currently it is been developed into a DJ set for the spoken word (to be performed and shown at a solo show at Red Gallery for Contemporary Art Hull). I am also developing pieces which play with old photographic technology and the way we display, I have a newly engineered and designed mutoscope that I have made and am constructing various zoetropes to show not animation but still panoramics.








has been set up during this residency as a way of exploring collaborative practice and the idea of the limited edition across disciplines artistic and other wise.


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