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Primarily a painter, my work is centred on experiencing the natural landscape through direct contact. Landscape as an Ideal, representing a place of imagination and fantasy is what I aim to combine with my direct experience of the natural landscape. The dichotomy between experience and imagination has been important in the development of my work. By direct connection and knowledge of the landscape the work reacts to the spectacular changes within the timescale of day, season and year. This contact is significant as it gives me a physical, sensory and visual record to translate into two dimensions as painting, drawing or print.

A sense of place is a highly personal and subjective issue, informed by our own and collective histories be they visual, spoken or physical. It is also a place of imagination where the mind is free to interpret and create from the known and the unfathomable.

Printmaking is a significant part of my practise. Etching has always given me control over the clarity of line in making an image. The direct, incisive quality of drawing into the wax on the plate combined with its portability has made it a process I find immediate and distinct.

In contrast to the monochrome nature and intimate scale of the etchings working with monoprints allows a use of scale and colour in printmaking. As I have always found, the dialogue between printmaking and painting results in new ways to develop ideas and work, each process complimenting and opening up possibilities in the other.

Being on the AA2A scheme has been a highly productive and stimulating opportunity which has allowed me to develop and explore my fascination for printmaking.


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