Lorraine Clewlow

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Location: Clay Cross

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Email: lorraineclewlow@mail.com

Website: http://lorraineclewlow.co.uk

About me:

I am a fine artist working in mixed media sculpture, painting, printing, photography, installation, drawing, plaster work and an occasional performance piece. 

 My work wanders between expression and catharsis yet retains a sense of positivity. It is born from my own experiences and inner emotions mixed with observations of the world around me.

I choose materials which are deeply symbolic and use this to infer references and associations. I love the poetic, something hinted at or implied by absence. I use things out of context and play with juxtaposition.

I am interested in shadows and patina. Shadows speak to me of memories, the ephemeral quality of matter and the ethereal nature of thought. Patina grows slowly over time, subtly radiating the past experience of an object or a material. Sometimes patina is invisible to the eye but is still there in essence as everything in the world has its own history contained within it. Everything has relevance by implication and this insight allows me to express my thoughts and feelings through the inherent symbolism of the objects and materials I choose.

My work is often abstract and ambiguous; I feel this creates a visual conversation which allows the viewer their own personal association and interpretation. I wish to connect with people on many levels by making work which is both aesthetically seductive and deeply meaningful, aiming to create immediate visual discourse whilst also engaging interest and provoking enquiry.

I am looking to develop my self and my practice through focused experimentation. I will use this residency to make new tiny, delicate, ephemeral sculptural pieces which will be incorporated within larger plaster pieces. This will connect with, underpin and build on previous work. I intend to explore the transition, transformation, cycle and growth of work from sketch book to sculpture then back to 2d as drawings and prints, these processes help me understand the nature of my practice. I aim to expand my portfolio and create a comprehensive body of work for exhibition.


I am approachable, interested in all forms of art work and open to critique and discussion :-)



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