Loraine Perry

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Two projects: One clearly defined (animation) the other more experimental and less assured of a desired outcome; Site responsive film/projection

Location: Film and Animation

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Email: loraineperry@btinternet.com

About me:

Although my work is site specific and results very much in response to site, it has until now been carried out within internal spaces. As it continues, I find it to be a natural and necessary progression, given my real fascination with light, to work outdoors and especially to find ways of working that encompass both natural and artificial light sources within a piece.

Along with this is the dilemma of audience participation and spectatorship. Emerging now is the aim of presenting the options of both and illuminating the conscious choice made between them.

 I have used 2D stop motion in recent work, not in it’s own right but as projection onto sculpture. Here I plan to create a 2D stop motion film which does exist as a complete work. It’s source will be the given environment which will be it’s site for presentation but it will exist independently from the site.

I also plan to create a site responsive piece that will consist of projections into the given environment and working with light as a timed piece. Persuing my questions in light, participation and sound within the projection I hope will result in practical technical solutions and develop work with a coherence.

Providing the necessary elements; space, time and access to technology and resources the AA2A will enable me to create work that is responsive to a given site where I shall be able to think more ambitiously in terms of what I can achieve through technology and presentation. 



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