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Location: Saffron Walden

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Email: atimeinplace.studio@gmail.com

Website: http://www.atimeinplace.com

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Project overview:

Currently I am working on a collaborative project with a paper mill museum near Barcelona in Spain, it includes an exhibition, publication and symposium. For the project 22kg of esparto grass has been made into sheets of paper. This year I undertook fieldwork in southern Spain, in the mountainous area of Murcia where the esparto grass grows. Based on this fieldwork my project explores the dynamic between natural processes and cultural production. Using a range of source material (sunlight data, plant classification, growth habitats and behaviour) I am developing work (including a sequence of screenprints using the handmade esparto paper) around an idea of the temporal space of esparto grass. I am seeking reference points to link the culturally determined terminology of science and the phenomenological essence of sunlight and growth.


Key ideas:

> Temporal scenes and visual perception – how much time and space can a surface hold?

> Light sensitive being – analogue surfaces as a necessary alternative to digital screens

> Cyclical time as a counterpoint to linear thought


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