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I am a long time experimenter in the boundaries between photography and painting. After years of creating collage by hand, I discovered Adobe Photoshop in 1994 and never looked back. An early experimenter in the capabilities of digital print, I have ten years production know-how from working in photographic laboratories. After developing a digital art course for Goldsmiths students in 1997 I moved to New York and taught myself analogue printing whilst making photorealistic paintings of digital compositions. When the Lightjet printer was announced I crossed over into exclusively digital output and I have been interested in staying at the cutting edge of digital photographic capability, producing the largest photographic prints whilst experimenting always with new materials. Returning to settle in Brighton in 2001, I started a photography Masters at Brighton University, discovered the Mamiya camera and began combining drawing with still life photography. Now represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe, I am steadily building a career creating photography, writing and mentoring other with just a steady commitment, compassion, and a high-end Apple Mac.

I have exhibited widely including solo shows at the The Little Black Gallery and Diemar Noble Gallery in London, Lucy Bell Gallery in St. Leonard's on Sea and current solo show at The Art Movement in London. as well as regular participation in groups shows at The Project Room in Chicago. My work is held in a number of private collections. My photographs have been featured in publications including The British Journal of Photography, Source Magazine, 8 Magazine, Hungry Eye, Time Out and The Telegraph.



For the AA2A residency at City College, I intend to complete my Instant Garden Series and begin a new series called Holding Time.  Holding Time is a collaboration with a sociologist, Lucilla Newell. I propose to create twelve filmed portraits of breastfeeding mothers, each accompanied by a Time Map depicting in geometrical patterns, the time each mother has spent breastfeeding. The Time Maps will be made digitally from photographs of glass geometrical tiles.

The experience of motherhood has been described as situating women outside the boundaries of linear, modernist time resulting in potentially a loss of agency (being unable to fit into the working world, for example) and being constrained to a ‘nether-land’ or liminal time and space until ‘normal time’ is returned[1].

This work challenges the dominance of linear time through the use of older, pattern-based representations of time and the assertion of non-action (sitting still) as containing potentially radical agency. Thus the work seeks to re-contextualise motherhood and breastfeeding in particular as an active, rather than passive activity, one aligning mother and child with an older, more universal time system.

The development of the work will be promoted using interviews by Lucilla which will be made into podcasts and broadcast on social media. I will crowd-fund an accompanying book with essays by Alison Bartlett, Joanna Lowry and Lucilla Newell. I have also been accepted onto Fabrica’s Making Space programme to trial the outcome in an installation, winter 2017.

This project is ambitious in scope and reach. The support of these facilities would greatly assist the completion of what is certainly my most ambitious work to date. In particular, having the access to studios would give me a professional setting into which participating mothers could comfortably be filmed, without incurring lighting and camera hire costs.

But the access to the library, lecture programme, and social facilities would also be of great benefit to me as I usually work alone at home. I would love to be able to share ideas with students and participate in college life. In 2012 I became a mother and the experience moved me into a new social space where I spent more time with mothers and less with artists. I would appreciate the access to a more intellectual environment for a portion of my week and believe this would nourish and assist me at this critical stage in my career.

This project is designed to throw up questions around the relationship between photography and Time. I am pushing my own abilities as a photographer, project manager and digital artist by working collaboratively on film, still imagery, abstract digital imagery and installation simultaneously. But I believe passionately that there is a poverty of imagery around breastfeeding and I am committed to making work that pushes the boundaries of digital imaging, photography and film.

As part of my MA I conducted original research into the origins of Bullet Time: a technique disrupting the more typical linear representations of time. Whereas Linear Time is associated with industrialisation, cyclical time is associated with agrarian culture and is commonly found in non- figurative, decorative traditions. This work builds on this research and my current body of work – The Instant Garden but takes my career as an artist into new territories.

I want to show motherhood in a new light – one which is both nurturing and abstract/intellectual/mathematical. I’m interested in encouraging debate around ancient decorative traditional art forms, reinvesting new meaning and repositioning them within a new photographic language that is a marriage of modern and ancient. I also hope to inspire other young artists- particularly women to use digital technologies to speak of their own experiences.

Through this new work I plan to generate new exhibition opportunities in both public and private galleries, establish myself as a known digital photographer/artist and enter debates around motherhood, photography and time.

[1] Breastfeeding and Time’ by Alison Bartlett


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