Lisa Gorton

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Location: Preston


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Email: lgorton@hotmail.com

Mobile phone: 07773895279

Website: http://www.wix.com/lisagorton/lisagorton

More artists images: http://www.practiceincontext.net

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Lisa is an artist based in the North West of England.

Lisa’s work deals with the nature of drawing. It has evolved out of an enquiry into the relationship drawing has to sculpture and asking whether sculpture can be seen as drawing. Recent research has dealt with material tensions: the dependency of material on material, the reciprocal nature of support. Small, intimate installations generated through fragile everyday materials and the role of the body in this intervention.

Drawing and collage works have evolved from a process of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing line and form within space. By creating installations and situations in response to the built environment and responding by using elements of the drawn, sculptural and the photographic image, she aims to engage the viewer in a multi dimensional space of perception and representation. A dialogical relationship between line, form and materiality emerges, via a creative listening to which both the artist and viewer can respond.



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