Lindsey Holmes

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Brief description: I create costume based artwork with a museums and collections focus

Location: Peterborough, UK

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Email: lindsey@costumier-saurus.co.uk

Website: http://www.costumier-saurus.co.uk

More artists images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/costumier-saurus/

About me:

I create costume-based artwork; my work links with history, science and literature. My work is multi-sensory, site-specific and designed to engage audiences with their surroundings.


I graduated from London College of Fashion in 2010, where I studied costume for performance. I also have qualifications in museums studies, fashion, textiles and education. I live in Peterborough, although Cambridge is my hometown and I work with Museum Collections across the UK making costumes and costume based artwork.


In this residency I will be working on pieces for my upcoming exhibition The Fashion of John Keats Life and Death in which I am producing new artistic work for Keats House London and The Keats Shelley Memorial House, Rome.


John Keats trained as a doctor and died from Tuberculosis. This exhibition will encourage reflection on medical care, the experience of illness and how medicine shaped the poets life. This work is Inspired by Giacomo Leopardi’s Dialogue between Fashion and Death (c.1830), I will be using costume as a vehicle to explore the themes of knowledge, illness and death. Leopardi proposes fashion to be death’s sister and I know dress to be spellbinding narrator despite its everyday appearance, with the power to touch individual lives while connecting people of all ages, genders and cultures.


My work is designed to be touched, handled and even tried on, Each piece invites the audience to explore further to uncover their multi-layered narrative. The more the audience engages the more they will discover.


see more of my work on my website: www.costumier-saurus.co.uk, my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Costumiersaurus or follow me on twiter @costumiersaurus




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