Linda Persson

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Brief description: Visual artist working in a variety of media such as film, video / sculptural installations, drawing

Location: London, U.K, (Stockholm, Sweden)

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Website: http://www.lindapersson.org

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I am a Swedish born U.K based visual artist working in a variety of media such as performance, video / sculptural installations and sound works. My work often develop via collaborative engagements.

I'm particularily interested in the definition of change, both at a personal, cultural and representational level. Change, entropy and ephemeral notions joint my practise. I use new and obsolete
technologies, often to reflect one another, where the analogue and digital swap places; modes
of representation are questioned as they blend into each other or dissolve and reveal various
flip sides. I like to use old technology, as it is taken out of ‘service’ and released into freedom
and perhaps therefore into a new existence.



2013 Group Exhibition at Nordenhake gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, April/May- Curator Stefanie Hessler. 2013 Three person exhibition at Haninge Konsthall, Sweden, Feb-March, Curator Åsa Mårtensson / Kristyna Müller
2013 Auditorium with Pavilion in Margate, LIMBO, screening of Encounter
March 2013 Residency AA2A at Reading University, United Kingdom


June 2013 research / film trip in Karasjok to develop ideas for upcoming exhibition in Karasjok, Norway

July, starting NOW | THEN | SOON in London, (location is secret, contact me for further details) with Liam Sprod and Jack Friswell

2013 / 2014 Commissioned exhibition at Sámí Center for International Contemporary Art, Norway, Curator / Director Jan-Erik Lundström


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