Lexa Drysdale

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Location: Cambridge

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Email: lexadrysdale@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lexadrysdale.com

About me:

I will be making a series of large flat pack sculptures intended for a collaborative art performance with Ernest Dalton called “Hierarcadia: approximating naivete”. The performance is inspired by Nicolas Poussin’s painting “Dance to the Music of Time” in the Wallace Collection, London.

We aim to transform this 17th century masterpiece into a three dimensional 21st century one, using contemporary technologies, flat pack sculptures, live performance, and audience participation, to celebrate and interrogate the painting.


 I shall be using the ARU sculpture workshop to make the flat-pack sculptures. Each sculpture will represent one of the four dancers in “Dance to the Music of Time”. I shall be constructing the sculptures during the performance in a similar fashion to the unpacking and construction of flat pack furniture.

 The sculptures will be made of a variety of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, leather and textiles. I will be learning how such contrasting materials can be combined within one object. I shall also be experimenting with different fixtures and fittings so that when it comes to constructing the sculptures in public the job can be done efficiently. The sculptures also need to be sturdy to withstand a peripatetic lifestyle.




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