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Brief description: I am an Artist, Designer, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker and Storyteller

Location: Coventry

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Email: adornuad@googlemail.com

Website: http://lauranyahuye.wordpress.com

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My name is Laura Nyahuye I am a Zimbabwean born Artist.  I migrated to the UK in 2001. I am an Artist, Designer, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker and Storyteller. I am very passionate about womens issues  among other things.  I create body adornments and exhibit, to address social issues, affecting women and society at large.

I have worked as a community artist in the voluntary sector as well as paid sector for many years. Working with people using art as a vehicle for change.  

My work has been very much influenced by life’s experiences, my culture, childhood, migration and my environment. I discovered what influenced my work through allowing myself to explore and learn, during my time at Coventry  University where l studied Applied Arts. 

I am a designer/maker, however my heartbeat is the connection between creativity and the community. How artists have such an important role to play in the community and the change that can happen through this. When l started off as a student l did not choose this path, the path chose me through life experiences and study experiences and I'm glad.

I am looking forward to having a small part to play by encouraging/talking to the De Montfort students during my time at the university.

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l offer.....

Art and craft workshops with any group of people (women,families, elderly,children,migration  vulnerable and isolated)

Motivational speaking


Commission work

Art and craft workshops with various organisations


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