Kirsty E Smith

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Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Email: kirsty@frillipmoolog.co.uk

Telephone: 0773 995 9951

Website: http://www.frillipmoolog.co.uk

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About me:

My intention is to create work which resonates on a deeply emotive level and which acts as a vehicle to reconnect with a 'place' or memory deep in our subconscious. Frillip Moolog is the name that I have given to such a place.


My practice is about telling a story. But these stories are vague and elusive, they are not written or spoken and never have a beginning middle and end. I make sculptures (but I call them beings) which incorporate an eclectic mix of materials and found objects each of which comes with its own provenance and which when combined becomes something quite 'other'. 


Writer Anneka French observed, " These beings are vessels which hold and suggest many ideas simultaneously and that it is quite possible to believe that they have an unseen life of their own".


I have recently expanded my practice to include photography, film and collage. Photographing the larger FrillipMoolog beings in settings such as a meadow with steelworks or on a typically British seaside along with donkeys has enabled me to tell stories which couldn't normally be told by simply placing the sculptures in a gallery setting.


I was delighted when Richard Wentworth recently commented positively on its folkloric qualities and inherent humour.

I plan to use my AA2A residency at Sheffield College to explore the possibilities of casting objects in clear resin. I will then incorporate these resin casts into new small FrillipMoolog sculptures (beings). If time allows I also intend to make a stop motion animation film where these small beings play a role within a domestic landscape.


I enjoy playing with scale and what started as a fascination for seeing the world from the viewpoint of a small child (hiding under or behind domestic furniture) is now being played out by my beings/ sculptures in worlds of varying sizes- from the large sculptures set in outdoor settings (beaches and fields) to these new small sculptures in a small scale indoor domestic settings. 


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