Khush Nubian

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Location: Leicester

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Website: http://www.khush-nubian.co.uk

More artists images: https://www.instagram.com/khush_nubian/

About me:

Working in collage, drawing and digital media, I've exhibited across the UK, and in India and the USA. I'm currently a Researcher for the British Council’s Re:Imagine India programme, led by the University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre, in partnership with Leicester Print Workshop, Phoenix, Leicester Arts and Museum Service, Two Queens, Soft Touch, De Montfort University and Peepul Enterprise.

Collage techniques have been central to my work throughout my practice, from large-scale 2D works constructed from layers of drawings, photocopies and found images, to installations that dismantled and re-ordered the constituent parts of paintings – paint, canvas, stretcher – to play with spatial perceptions. More recently I’ve been taking patterns and images directly from the city around me, then superimposing or ‘remixing’ them within other images, creating echoes and slippages between the different locations represented. 

My focus for this residency has so far been on moving between different types of image-making - drawing, printmaking, photography - and between different processes: transcribing, sharing, manipulating, copying and searching. How are images changed by these processes or migrations? 


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