Kerry Andrews

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Location: East London

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Email: kja@p-o.co.uk

Website: http://www.kjandrews.co.uk

More artists images: http://www.aa2a.org/artists/kerry_andrews-5

About me:

I'm a visual artist, sound artist and composer who has exhibited continuously since 1983 in Britain, Europe, the USA, Australia and China.
I work through various media, including drawing, digital print, installation, sound and music, to explore ideas about time and place. I'm particularly interested in the way we often migrate across mediums, and through different notions of time and place in our everyday lives and how these areas of translation or transformation are uncharted places of our awareness/consciousness.

My works explore a non-corporal image of the body, concerned with a rebalancing of the ‘non-physical’ aspect of the figure with the matter of being. My interests lie in what can be called the extended body, tracing the human figure in territorial narratives.


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