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My name is Katie Whitehouse, my main passions in art are photography and sculpture. My past work in photography has focused on digital and dark room techniques where I explored topics such as 'Women in Advertising' and 'Female Stereotype in Media' which included pieces based on the femme fatale character which formed an ongoing narrative. I began to concentrate on the constructed images of women in advertising and began to study the contorted poses that the model's positioned themselves in. This work then took a natural progression on to a 3D form where I began to experiment with new processes and started to cast these poses in plaster bandage. This lead me on to  my final year degree project, where I became very interested in body casting and sculpture, therefore, I developed the original 'Women in Advertising' project on to another level by incorporating sculpted poses. The  work that I produced focused on the representation of the female body in the media, specifically the Western world, along with social constructions of the feminine. I produced five body casts depicting the way in which women pose for advertising campaigns.  I would like to extend this practice and  develop my work further by focusing my next project on both men and women. 


I am keen to divulge and share my knowledge by means of running workshops and utilising student participation throughout my project; giving them access to additional support and providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills. I would also be keen to extend my own knowledge by way of volunteering to help with peer artists projects.  



Recent projects include work for Saint James' Church, Shirley. After seeing my final year exhibition, Father Michael Caddy commissioned me to design and make a bronze resin sculpture to be displayed in the prayer area of the church. I would love to experiment further with body casting and mould making and research and test other materials to be used in these processes.  













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