Kathryn Sawbridge

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: My Current medium of choice is collage predominantly digital but my background is in photography and fine art

Location: west midlands

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Email: kathryn.e.sawbridge@hotmail.com

About me:

As a fine artist, my previous work has concentrated on identity - masking identity, providing clues to identity, and inner versus outer.  However, much of my work has concentrated on my own personality or that of family members and despite this being interesting in terms of confessional art, it is not always as accessible to the wider audience who may interpret the clues differently than intended.  I am keen to explore aspects of identity further, yet make the art more accessible by making the subject more understandable and recognisable.

A large part of my own personality is affected by my issues with partial deafness and tinnitus.  Tinnitus is a condition which affects many people to a lesser or greater degree, and in my own case has affected me all my life, impacting on my education, relationships and general life experiences.  

The fascinating aspect of tinnitus is that it is so very personal and difficult to explain to people around you - whilst is may be that people can hear a replication of a sound at a particular pitch and volume, the noises that tinnitus sufferers hear vary in pitch, volume and can come and go randomly, and it is this level of intrusion on life that others cannot understand.

I am keen to try and show this impact of tinnitus on life and relationships with both people and the environment, through art, giving clues ot this through layering and collage effects.


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