About me:

My work is inspired by a love of old things, which once had a life but may now have been discarded; like the books I collect from second hand shops and markets to turn into sculptures and installations by taking my scalpel to them. I use simple methods to make my work, as the need to do it by hand is very important to me. I like to alter and build upon objects that already exist, breathe new life into them, and allow them to be viewed in a new way.

I have also continued to make collaborative work, and stage performances alongside Stacey Allen in the two years since graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University. Our work is focused on our love for the English language and British behaviour, with all its quirks and eccentricities.


My current work has led me to experiment with turning my simple drawings, inspired by fabrics, Indonesian, Malaysian and Mendhi patterns and tattoos, into prints made from home-made stamps. I am hoping to experiment with more printing, enhance my skill base and knowledge in this area, and progress into combining my prints with my book works within my time on the AA2A course.




Have spent the evening experimenting with texture and using other objects, such as wool as stamps. Trying to piece all the different parts of ideas together to form a coherent path.


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