Katie Smith

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Brief description: Social Artist

Location: Boston, Lincolnshire

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Email: thinkingbridge@gmail.com

Website: http://www.thinkingbridge.co.uk

About me:

I am a social artist working within the field of participatory arts and a passionate advocate of enquiry based learning. Over the last two years I have been researching if social media-led projects developed by artists can challenge the traditional model of participation in the arts. This research has been informed by my own online adventure ‘We Found Art’ (which crowd sourced a collection of found objects to tour the country in a moveable museum) and a study of four of my contemporary’s projects which also embraced uncertainty and serendipity in a virtual world. My findings were formalised through post graduate study and have received interest nationally from a-n and the national society of education in art and design.

Anchoring my practice within social media environments has both challenged me to rethink the way in which my work is produced and received and led me to consider the potential for artists and participants to merge roles as co-creators. The collaborative and democratic relationships which flourish in digital environments intrigue me. Though my AA2A residency I hope to develop a piece of work which investigates if such relationships can withstand a shift to the physical world. I hope to develop a series of physical interventions that will allow me to meet and spend time with people that I have met online. To mirror the abandonment of the digital environment I will use analogue processes to document my encounters.

As an AA2A artist I am looking forward to the opportunity to both develop my skills as an analogue photographer and my research based approach. I am also looking forward to working in a vibrant art school environment and hope to inspire and be inspired by the faculty’s staff and students.


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