Kate Smith

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Location: South West England

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Email: kate_janesmith@hotmail.com

About me:

I am a artist and crafts person based in the South West. My work examines and captures the delicate balances that we are surrounded by in our environment; I am fascinated by and focus my study on bees. My interest was developed through out my degree course and I have a passion for creating work that not only educates but inspires and captivates.

I examine the delicate relationship between bees and humans. Looking at the reliance and products that are exchanged. The Interdependency between the species is an important factor. The significance of the bee is important, as a model for society, a provider of food and a biological mediator. I am aware of the decline of bee numbers and the problems that humans have produced for them; this is an aspect present in my work. Ecological issues also have a presence within work; I look at balance within the environment and how the change of one aspect can cause a chain reaction. Fragility is an important factor, I want the audience to feel and become aware of the delicate balance that exists between factors of the environment.


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