About me:

Artwork accesses history and visual information revealed in the patina of objects and materials, within both the natural world and man-made environments. However, we see manipulation of the ‘original’ and distortion of surface and history of use, therefore challenging the notion of a ‘museum piece’. 

The work deals with the historical, ancestral and archetypal; where the patterns sourced from domestic environments are deconstructed, distorted and re-worked, commenting on the cyclic nature of trends within art & design history. Processes include both the physical removal of materials as a means of accessing history through excavation, and the application of print and paint directly onto surfaces to repair or reveal visual histories.


Artwork addresses issues of sustainability and environmental concerns directly, through the use of recycled and found materials, natural materials, natural pigments, and organic garden produce.


Specialist equipment such as A2 printers and the laser cutter were used to combine traditional methods with high technology; working with sustainable materials, print methods and processes of replication for  the creation of lino cut print blocks, stencils, screen prints, and wooden printing blocks.

The tension arising from the combination of low-tech & hi-tech methods of production used to create works re-introduces themes from William Morris’s socio-political & ‘ahead-of-his-time’ ecological writings in the context of current environmental & political concerns, and for a modern audience.




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