Kate Graham

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Brief description: A Landscape Architect and Community Artist, I work on all kinds of projects in all kinds of media. AA2A led me to extend and develop my work with stills photgraphy and digital video, and to plan future projects in AutoCAD and animation.

Location: Canterbury

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Email: kategrahamart@btinternet.com

Telephone: 07951 633041

Website: http://kate-graham-art.co.uk

About me:

My subject is landscape – geology, geomorphology, landforms, manmade structures, ecology.

Nothing I see – through the movement of time, tide, seasons, weather, weathering and light - can ever look the same again. My medium is photography - light burns into the back of my camera for a split second to leave its traces; and I find, and value, a tiny two-dimensional reminder of one view, of one place, at one moment in time.


My process is investigation through dissection and reflection –

What made me stop to capture that particular image? Why that viewpoint, and that moment?

What did the light draw that I have yet to see?


Unpredictable. Sometimes I discover entirely new places, sometimes faces and the forms of creatures. I have found images of air and water that deserve to be materialised as huge, free-hanging, translucent silk panels: images whose figures should stand at least three metres tall: images that ask to be left on slabs of timber or steel or rock: and some I should like to project onto the white cliffs that spawned them.

Towner selected two for the East Sussex Open exhibition. An honour and a thrill: but the work needed to transform – from tiny jpegs into pieces for a large gallery – and I very quickly found the boundaries and my new challenges.


AA2A gave me opportunities to find ways through existing limitations - it allowed me to test formats, scales and media which might speak more eloquently about the character of place and the pervading atmospheres that evolve from the photographs. I had chances to explore, with the input of other artists, the connections between my work and the landscapes, natural processes and raw materials which prompt its making. AA2A also led me to discover a fascination for chasing after the structures, spaces and patterns that my photographs of architecture and interior spaces might have hidden within them.


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