Katarzyna Koch

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Brief description: My practice resembles a journey through a variety of resources, techniques and mediums such as video, sculpture and found objects.

Location: Exeter

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Email: kochkatarzyna@hotmail.com

Telephone: 07447590502

Website: http://www.katarzynakoch.com

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A secret place... old shoes, bottles, hundreds of keys  with no doors to open. newspapers, scraps of images from magazines and books. strings, ropes they're everywhere, suspended but not attached and me in the corner of my studio, observing, thinking, imagining. from objects to people, from people to families, from families to loneliness, loneliness to senses, senses to emotions.

something happens and forces me to create.

the planning might take days but when in the process of making, i disappear within myself and with it often the forethought. materials and mediums can change, depending on their suitability. 

in response i make, observe and think again, and i realise there is something that can not be washed away. 




…something happens and forces me to create…





Hybrid Mixed media exhibition atThe Island, Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE


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