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I completed my BA in Fine Art and MA in Experimental Film at Kingston University (London) in 2012.

Following my MA I started the collaboration ‘Jupiter’ with a fellow artist friend, which focuses on experimental film and video art. It is both a curatorial and creative process through which the themes of spectatorship and haptic visuality are explored through exhibitions, the individual practice as well as further collaboration with other artists and writers.

My own practice predominantly works with video and text and throughout the residency I want to explore how language positions itself within a moving image structure.

For the past year I have been working on a series of short texts, which I am going to use as a framework for my time at the university. I am particularly interested in looking at how the temporal and spatial properties of a piece of work change if the medium is altered. In example: Written word into moving image/ Moving image into written word.

I want to contribute to my already existing theoretical and practical body of material and also use it as a time of reflection on my current practice and its future. I am hoping to develop a body of work that will provide an ongoing thought process and that can be used for wider research projects in the future.

I very am excited to exchange ideas and dialogues with students, academic staff and other artists at the university.


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