Juan Jose Guerra Valiente

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Website: http://www.juanjoguerra.es

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My work involves many approaches: from music to paintings; from paintings to sculpture, and from sculpture to architectural spaces. Also I would like to create works about dancing and movement covering the relation between music and its representation through dance, musicians in action performing, the swaying of bodies, movement of fingers etc. My work method will be based on direct observation of the models in question. Only observing, retaining the image and drawing, by way of sketches and outlines that would be later be further developed in the studio.

 The main aim of this project is to reflect about the common roots of the different fine arts disciplines by listening and feeling a musical composition that will become drawing, painting, esculpture, 3D or architectural models, showing how deeply related they are.

This opportunity offers me a unique background where I would be able to relate every field of my work with a university frame that, together with its facilities and learning and intelectual enviroment will benefit my work, enriching not only my artistic works but also my proffessional carreer. Therefore, I can improve with my multidirectional work.


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