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My work explores the relationship between camera, image, the permanence of memory and the indexical qualities of the photographic medium.  I am interested in exploring histories of people’s lives through their absence, looking for the traces and fragments that are left behind, in hope that piecing together this information will help me to resolve some of the questions relating to my own personal history. 


I also feel that being in such a creative hub of an environment with other artists from students, GSN and Graduate Fellowship will help me to engage in critical dialogue with other artists from students to GSN, something that I feel I lack working from home, may even inspire me to develop my work in new and creative ways.


I hope that time spent at Northumbria will help me to develop my critical thinking by having access to the library and also from hearing others talk about their work.  I would like to develop my mentoring skills by helping students in tutorials, group critiques, and being on hand for general support and advice with their work, and furthermore would love to be around to help assist with auctions, degree shows and being around in the digital suite if students needed any technical support also.  Finally I wish for this as an opportunity to give back to Northumbria for all of the help and I received during my time spent studying and for the excellent support provided by all faculty staff. 


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