Jonathan Wilkes

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Location: Birmingham

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Email: jonwilkes@outlook.com

Website: http://www.jonwilkes.com

More artists images: http://www.transient-art.co.uk

About me:

I like bags and the idea of portable personal space. 

Away from your home you are rarely in control of the area around you, yet your trouser pocket, your wallet or purse etc, is yours to fill with things to help you get through the day. These ubiquitous spaces usually avoid attention, yet they are filled with our private narratives, clues to our persona, ego and history. This is exciting. 

But think about it, when did you last get invited into one? Normally you only glimpse the esoteric contents in a sub-sonic flash even if you bother to look, which you more than often do not. These spaces are so commonplace that they rarely emote discussion, unless they are so obviously different or sport some strange design, but even then it’s only surface conversation. I am enthused by the notion that they could be further utilised to bring comfort to a hectic impersonal world, formed into tiny islands away from the gaze of others, static travel, instantly controlled escape routes that allow part-time emancipation from the humdrum. 

Gongoozler’, Grand Union, Digbeth, Birmingham, May 2010

Worcester Open, Annex 21, Pitt studios, Worcester, May 2010

‘See Hear’, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, July 2011

‘Between Curiosity and the Canal Bed’, Midlands Arts Centre, August  2011

‘Outline’, Mineva Works, Digbeth,  May 2012

‘Invasion’, AE Harris, Jewellery Quarter, Sept 2012


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