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Email: jo.marsh.art@gmail.com

Website: http://artjomarsh.blogspot.com

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I am interested in the overlap between sculpture and performance. Some of my recent work has involved creating structures which exist equally as static sculptural objects and as performative catalysts to be combined with the body. This is the line of enquiry I want to pursue, but investigating the idea of ‘things’ themselves as performers, rather than necessarily involving human interaction. I’m interested in forms and structures which hint at or suggest the undisclosed potential within them, things which are seemingly or literally poised for action. I work predominantly with found textiles and constructional materials.


Through access to facilities, in particular wood construction equipment, this opportunity will allow me to realise ideas which currently exist only in sketch form. The designated time and space for developing my work will be beneficial to my practice, as will the opportunity to converse with other artists and students.


I will use this time and space to engage fully with my project, and to produce a resolved body of work as a result of my research. Overall I hope that taking part in AA2A will give an injection of energy into my practice and act as a spring board into the next chapter.


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