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Email: johnduffield.studio@yahoo.co.uk

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 In 1986 I damaged my eyes had to take early retirement from my career in Art Education.

Frustrated at not being able to continue my creative work, I sought alternative means of visual expression, and realised that computers, which allowed one to enlarge detail, could enable me to continue to fulfil my need.

To update my skills, I gained an M.A.in Electronic Art at Coventry in 1994.

I then started on an amazing journey of discovery, personal development and intense creativity . Working initially in collage, which allowed me to easily manipulate shapes, colours and textures, (often recycling my old work) I then scanned these collages into my Macs and developed new works using digital manipulation.

Exploring ‘digital alchemy’ took me into unpredictable areas of visual expression, not possible in any other media. This led me to discover a way of creating “virtual glass’.

I had my first one-man exhibition for 25 years in 2008, and continue to show new work each year. This year, looking for a new challenge, using various means of magnification, I produced my first oil paintings for 25 years.

My work is intended simply to create a visual stimulus which appeals directly to the subconscious, paralleling the aural experience of music. Each viewer should find their own response and relationship to each of my pieces.

My own digital printing equipment limits me to A3 and I want to explore a much larger scale which should reveal exciting new visual possibilities, and allow potential evolution of relief and 3D work, maybe even structural environments.

Access to such professional equipment as large scale digital printers at Coventry University offers a unique opportunity to continue to progress this work into new, unknown and exciting areas of expression.

I would also relish the opportunity to share ideas with other creative minds.




2008 'Music for the Eyes' Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

2009 'Vitrifications' Lewis Gallery. Rugby School

'Music for the Eyes' Solihull Arts Complex

Rugby Open

2010 'Making an Exhibition of Myself' Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

Rugby Open











I am struggling at the moment to adapt my work to make the most of my time at Coventry. I don't want to simply repeat myself at a larger scale, but continue to develop new ideas and explore new techniques.
This suggests that I first need to familiarize myself with the other software available and assess its relevance to my work before planning my projects. 
Because of my visual impairment I need to avoid  driving in the dark. It is frustrating as now we are back to GMT this limits the  times that I can use to mornings and early afternoons.



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