Jo Bradford

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Location: North Cornwall

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Email: hello@jobradford.com

Website: http://www.jobradford.com

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As a Contemporary Visual Artist I make work that explores the forgotten processes lurking in photography’s history such as the Cliché Verre, the Luminogram and the Photogram. During my MA at University College Falmouth, I developed a body of work combining photographic and printmaking disciplines, this work has since been exhibited in shows in Europe and America. 

In developing a new series of visual artworks, I will combine these antiquated photo-processes with other alternative photography methods and will also transfer skills developed for printmaking such as stencil cutting to create the finished work.

My time on the AA2A scheme would be used to extend my concepts and ideas further, and explore other subjects using the same processes.  Having access to a wider variety of photographic and printmaking processes than those I have in my small studio darkroom at the moment will allow me to finally realise work that I have been developing for 5 years.  Inclusion in the Residency scheme is giving me a valuable opportunity to undertake research, experimentation and dedicated daily development of my practice to expand and solidify my ideas and work in a more meaningful way.

My aims for this opportunity are to create new work to exhibit internationally.  I intend to have completed a new body of work for exhibiting by the end of the AA2A Residency period.  I have several sketchbooks of ideas waiting to be developed into a coherent and interesting new body of work for exhibition and sale.


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