Joanna Delos-Reyes

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I will be the student representative for the 2011-2012 duration of the AA2A project here at the University of Plymouth. I am currently on exchange from Canada, this will be a year of many firsts for me: exploring Plymouth, the University, and seeing how this AA2A scheme will take off.

I study Art History and Art Theory & Criticism, back at home I am involved with community organizing-in what I will loosely coin an “anti-authoritarian pro-creative model”, in other words I plan events with folks to get other folks together for music, art, or food. My involvement with the scheme in a way is similar to getting the community (student, resident artists, etc) excited and involved with this unfolding creative process, which is AA2A.

I guess I will be looking at the artists work more through a theoretical and curatorial lens. For the most part, throughout the scheme I will be regularly posting on this dot biz site, spreading the word of any upcoming events the best way I can.



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