Jo Aylmer

Previous AA2A artist

Location: London

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Email: joaylmer@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.joaylmer.com

About me:

Using ceramic and mixed media sculpture, my work is motivated by an interest in physical and psychological responses to material and form. At present I investigate this using the potential of white ceramic bodies, alone, or in combination with other materials such as rubber. I have recently used light to explore colour and translucency in Porcelain.

I want to undertake a project which explores our perception of and responses to sharp objects using slip cast ceramic forms. This idea was initially prompted by reactions to a ceramic knife. The extraordinary sharpness created by a material that is seen as fragile unnerved or excited people.

Working at the university will allow me to increase the scale of my work, resolve structural aspects of larger floor or wall based pieces and investigate new materials.


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