Jim McElvaney

AA2A artist

Location: Sheffield

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Email: jim-mcelvaney@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://www.jimmcelvaney.com

About me:

I’m fascinated with the way we look at people and the stories we create when watching strangers. On a bus or in the street, we wonder ‘who are they, what do they do, what are they feeling?’ It’s these moments of prying contemplation that I aim to capture in my portraits. 

During my time at SHU, I intend to upscale my work to produce larger paintings, drawings and mixed media works. Viewing larger scale portraits is like taking a closer look at the individual portrayed, you view the subject differently. You see the person in a different light, the impact is changed. I am keen to explore this aspect in relation to the people I depict. In the past, my practice naturally developed to the street when I wanted to upscale my work. This opportunity will provide the facilities needed to allow my fine art practice to develop to a similar scale. I am looking forward to the ways in which my technique and style will change when given new freedoms.

 Developing my work in this way, whilst working alongside current students and other professional creatives will be a new and rewarding experience. Bringing my practice into the public domain for people to see as it develops is something I have not wholly encountered since I was at University myself. I see this as an opportunity to test myself, allowing me the time and space to assess my processes and hopefully inspire new ways of working. I have worked in higher education for many years but up to now my art practice has never crossed into this environment. I am eager to find out how these two worlds will merge and what I will learn from the experience.


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