About me and my involvement in AA2A:

Jessica studies Fine Art at the University of Lincoln

Whilst studying, she is also an AA2A Student Rep, Course Rep, Assistant to Cygnet Ink, Blogger for University of Lincoln's Art Forum and is a Student Ambassador for Open Days.

As a fine artist she is always trying to promote her own work and partake in exhibitions as well as setting up arts festivals that bring media attention to many other artists on her course, for example the Vonnegut Arts Festival.

Having connections across Lincolnshire she is also exhibiting in February in the Peterborough City Art Gallery in February 2016

Her work explores the contradictions of domesticated feminine crafts and the tabou of female sexuality through the medium of sculpture and installation. The buying of items such as vibrators and multi packs of batteries in Poundland for her recent works sparks debate and embarrassment which is highly relevant and becomes context to her works questioning the idea of femininity in a patriarchal society








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