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My current practice focuses on creating linear progression, or a journey, through a constructed environment. This takes the form of installations combining two and three dimensional elements together, (drawing and installation), encouraging the viewer to enter the work in order to have various perceptual experiences of it.

Previously my installations have either taken the viewer on a visual, or physical, journey leading them through a framework containing elements of drawing, which have been applied to found materials such as doors and windows (openings). The imagery used comes from my fascination with architecture and frameworks taking inspiration from in, and around, my home and places that relate to me.

Continuing with the theme of frameworks and journeys, I started to experiment by extending the lines from the drawing on Perspex into and around, a given space; oscillating between 2D and 3D. The installations are large allwoing the viewer to physically enter them but they are fully adaptable and are created in response to the space available. In this sense they are site specific. I work intuitively in a given space; extending lines of thread from areas of interest, (such as skylights and air vents), to then replicate these shapes elsewhere. The lines link similar shapes and draw the viewer's attention to these various projected forms. Focusing purley on line I aim to create an immersive installation which leads the viewer into and around the space.

Through the AA2A programme, I hope to expand my knowledge of how the AA2A programme is run and how it is useful for artists.




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