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Email: jenny@jennypurrett.co.uk

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Drawing is a fundamental part of my work which I explore through a variety of materials and processes: eg, gunpowder, graphite powder, shotgun drawings, wool, Japanese paper and pigment, making my own charcoal to use, finely detailed ink drawings and etchings. I have explored ways in which drawing can become 3-dimensional and created installations or made drawings directly onto the fabric of a space.

Earlier this year, I ran a project making work with people with progressive sight loss. As part of the project, I made a body of work in response to this experience looking at how people with visual impairment interact with visual art. Tactility and the use of light became important in making this work and I would like to explore these elements at Sunderland using glass to create objects and/or installations.

I spent time at Northumbria University as and AA2A artist in 2012/13 exploring drawing through printmaking methods.



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