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I examine the materials of mass media, not to find a true self, but to explore subjectivization inside the boundaries of modern culture. By manipulating materials that feed into contemporary culture I seek to reveal their function within society. I aim to challenge a belief in a core true self; whether or not one exists.

Producing multi-channel installations, where hypnotic imagery seduces and entices the viewer into a world constructed entirely from mass media. This experience of how the viewers navigate themselves through the myriad of information is comparable to how we navigate the symbolic order.

My footage is subjected to labor-intensive processes of editing and re-working, weaving together sequences and narratives. Working with music, film and television footage from the past 60 years. I feel appropriated footage embodies the symbolic order; a construct that allows for freedom only within its boundaries. By manipulating the fabric of the symbolic order, I explore how we may influence the world around us.





Recently Jennifer screened her work at FACT Liverpool and the Directors Lounge in Berlin. Last year Jennifer was commissioned by Wirksworth Festival to produce a multi-channel video installation, that responds to the situation known as Wirksworth. Also this year Jennifer was selected to participate in the European Media Arts Festival, Germany 2011 and UK Young Biennale 2010. Jennifer’s first exhibition has back in January 2008 at Het Platfond, Rotterdam. Since then Ross has gone onto part take in over twenty exhibitions, featuring in Open Call at the Frieze Art Fair, London, Liverpool Independents Biennale, and BAS7 fringe events.



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