Jayne Murray

AA2A artist

Brief description: An artist working in the public realm with an agenda for social and democratic change

Location: Birmingham and the Midlands

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Email: peoplemakeplaces@yahoo.co.uk

Website: http://prospectors.org.uk

More artists images: http://www.jaynemurray.co.uk

About me:

I am a public artist engaging with people through critical practice in public places.  In my practice I use image and text and other everyday mediums, to engage people on subjects that are of concern to them. My practice has long been concerned with methods of participation and the public sphere and I am interested in how being mobile can expand on this: I aim to develop a mobile production process that enables greater access to participatory work in public locations. I have touched on mobile work in my practice previously and I found it led to an immediacy and responsiveness that created place-specific participatory work with an increasingly diverse voice, and want to explore this more.

As an image-maker screen-printing and the high quality multiple that this can enable is currently absent from my practical knowledge. My understanding of the medium is that it is possible to print on different surfaces, which is also relevant to expanding uses, and the practical mobile application and articulation of ideas. Knowing more about the medium will allow me to modify a set of equipment that can be taken out as a workshop and applied in public. Once I have explored and experimented with how the methods can work in a mobile fashion I would conduct tests, taking the workshop out to an appropriate site in Wolverhampton to engage members of the public and make work with them.

Access to production is one aspect that works towards a broader research project I am developing of creating ‘A Level Playing Field’; how ‘a level playing field’ could be created physically, metaphorically and socially and what the effects and benefits may be in participatory and socially engaged forms of art practice.


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