Jared Szpakowski

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Location: Salford, Greater Manchester

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Email: contact@jaredszpakowski.co.uk

Website: http://threeteabagsinanEnvelope.tumblr.com/

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Since leaving university I have maintained my practice alongside the full time role I have within the appointments office at an NHS hospital and although for some years there has been a clear separation between the two there has more recently been an overlap in my working environments. The NHS has become a big influence on my work and I’ve recently been documenting the layout, decoration and furnishings of the consultation rooms within the hospital with a plan to make three-dimensional abstracted replications of these spaces to capture and preserve the nervous apprehension that they evoke when you are the one waiting.


This residency is vital in that it will provide me with the space and facilities to experiment with and adjust the scale, colour and lighting that I have been so far unable to undertake at my current studio as well as give me guidance and input that will steer the development of the work from the students themselves.


I intend to engineer these spaces to be as light, easily assembled & disassembled and transportable as physically possible but I can only achieve this using the precision machinery available at the university. For three years my creative output has been in the form of a daily blog, which has in essence been me, documenting my plans towards something bigger and more directed and my aim for this project is to have a selection of finished work ready to be shown in different environments that encapsulates my research and utilises the skills I have been honing.



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