Jane Hardstaff

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Email: janehardstaff@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07969 303283

Website: http://www.jane-hardstaff.com

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My creative practice spans individual work as an artist, curator and writer and includes collaborative projects and creative project management.


I am curious about the ways in which objects and experiences construct both individual and cultural identity. I often use sequences in my work, referencing the shifting, fragmented quality of perception and the transient nature of relationships, people, places and things. As a former psychotherapist, and am particularly interested in the ways in which identity and memory are inextricably linked; constantly reviewed, recalibrated and mediated through objects.


Through the AA2A residency I worked in the Forensic Pathology Photography Laboratory at Derby University, exploring macro-photograph and micrography to document and interrogate objects weighted with nostalgia.


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